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Relieve food sensitivities, bloating, fatigue, hormone imbalances, and more in as little as 6 weeks.

without medication

Tired of your gut controlling your life?

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Your gut is the epicenter of your wellbeing.png
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Your Glowing Gut Solution!

this course provides you the exact tools to overcome these symptoms by getting to the ROOT of why they happen in the first place.

Here's how it works:

Learn the ROOT cause behind your symptoms. Hint: Your GUT!

​          + step-by-step video trainings on…

Module 1.png

How to identify gut irritants in packaged food and swap them to still ENJOY food without harming your gut.

Module 1 (1).png

How to create habits to have a successful and sustainable healing journey.

Module 1 (2).png

Learn how to heal your gut utilizing food as your medicine instead of medication.

Module 1 (3).png

Supporting your gut health with a full body approach
Ex: movement, reducing stress, + more.

Lifetime access to all modules, videos and materials

Recipe books, meal plans, guided support


Workbook and resources

Healthy Morning
Relief from bloating, PCOS symptoms (heavy, painful periods), hormonal acne and more with Your Glowing Gut

Meet your Coach Lauren Eggleston,
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


Like you, I also suffered from bloating, constipation, migraines, acne, UTI's, irregular periods, depression and more that was impacting my daily life...and told birth control and medication was my only option. 


​I could hardly focus on my job, waiting for the dragging day to end so I could go home and sleep. I was constantly googling my symptoms and wasting so much money on supplements that promised they would cure no avail, living in a depressive fog - thinking it would never get better.


​Until one day, I made the choice to take my health back into my own hands. And then, EVERYTHING CHANGED. Inside Your Glowing Gut are the exact steps I took to first reverse my UTIs, bloating, constipation, acne, irregular periods, and more.

Madison S.

"Before I started working with and learning from Lauren I was dealing with constipation, depression, anxiety, lots of skin issues, lack of energy, and just feeling “blah.” Going through my daily life I was extremely exhausted just being in my body and having a difficult time trying to make good changes for myself. Within a few weeks of being consistent and using the information that Lauren has taught me I started to see changes in my body and how I was feeling. I would say in one month I could see how all the movement and nutrients I was getting my body was starting to make those healing changes. I feel that I’ve healed my constipation and I’ve had improvement in my mental health and mindset around health and wellness. I am still continuing to see improvement in my skin."

Morgan J.

"This course has truly changed the way I view food and the things it can do for my body. I have been able to get better sleep and consume more of the nutrients my body needs because of the things that I have learned. I can eat breakfast now without feeling nauseous and can enjoy my other meals more fully as well."


" I have not noticed my IBS. Not a concern of mine. 

Do not have initial symptoms anymore. I never thought my food would matter. I feel like that was the main irritant of my stomach - all the processed crap that was in it. Being able to eat a cookie and knowing it is not going to make me feel bad has been fun. I can treat myself and not have pain. Very freeing."

Enjoying Outdoor

What's inside that produces these results...

Your Glowing Gut lays out the exact steps to take you from:

bloated, crampy, fatigued - always searching for a bathroom & avoiding certain foods
to this
Relief from symptoms, enjoying being out with friends, and lifting the constant anxiety that your gut brings to everything
Healing your gut at your own pace that is enjoyable, successful, and sustainable long term
with this
Healthy Food

Your Glowing Gut gives you the chance to take your life back. 

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