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Meet Lauren

Hi! I am Lauren, A Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach!

My story starts in my early teenage years. I dealt with severe anxiety, mysterious rash & hive breakouts, and acne. As time when on, more symptoms began to pile on. Symptoms like migraines, acne, chronic UTIs and IC, digestive issues, bacterial infections, hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, and more.

August of 2019, I embarked on my healing journey. I learned to use plant foods as medicine, herbs and supplements as my body needed them, and techniques to detox my body of the toxins that had accumulated over the years. I knew I needed to change my ways to create a better future for myself. 
Years later, my body has healed more than I ever thought possible, reversing 20+ chronic conditions. I would not change any of it for anything. This journey has taught me more about myself and my purpose in the world than anything else ever could. It has completely changed my life.

I want to share my knowledge and experience with natural and holistic healing to help others change their lives too. It is possible when you give your body the correct tools to repair! This is why I created LEHOMEMADE. To bring affordable, clean products to your home, for your health. 
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